What experiences are guests looking for in this post-pandemic era?
How can a hotel become the ideal destination for visitors?

Joining interihotel as part of "The caring edition" will be the renowned trendhunter Pepa Casado. She has prepared a report - to be handed out to all attendees - in which she has compiled innovative ideas aimed at adapting hotel spaces to the new needs of travelers. This study, essential for all professionals and influencers in the hospitality sector, makes use of real cases as examples of how to rethink the role of hotel rooms, adapting them to new concepts that have become fundamental.

interihotel is Mediterranean culture, Mediterranean culture is hospitality, and hospitality is knowing how to take care of people.

We welcome you to the caring edition.
Welcome to the caring edition.

The designers of our Concept Rooms have found in interihotel DIGITAL EDITION the most efficient environment for networking with professionals with potential clients: hotel groups and project promoters.

It has taken many months of hard work, and multiple meetings with people who were alien to each other until that point. All of them with a screen in between, yes. Fortunately, it is no less true that this “journey” helped them to create a strong professional and even personal bond. Are you willing to try?

Over 100 professionals from various countries will present their experience in 48 conferences, workshops and round tables. An authentic 360º of interior design.

In interihotel DIGITAL EDITION we have turned mobility difficulties into an opportunity. We gather the best professionals in a unique event with conferences broadcasted live, with exclusive access for registered professionals. Would you join them?


interihotel’s Concept Rooms answer that question through an exercise of innovation and design thinking.

A select group of interior design firms, hotel groups and brands have coordinated to face this challenge. Based on a thorough analysis of the new guest’s profiles and the trends in the usage of spaces in the new normal they have created four unique hotel rooms, which can be visited at interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, through interactive 360º tours. Keep on reading to learn more about the Concept Rooms.

The Concept Rooms will be the most attractive icon, and one of the many excuses to visit interihotel DIGITAL EDITION. However, we will also count with the indisputable brands, the people who define the interior design of hotels and the most relevant program of the moment in Europe. Keep on reading to know our proposal for professionals who dedicate themselves, body and soul, to the wonderful art of designing hotels.

interihotel comes back with the DIGITAL EDITION, for the people and the brands who define hotel interior design . A space where the relationship and networking between brands, specifiers and hotel developers is enhanced through an online platform that eases professional interaction in a very natural way.

Forget about avatars, robots... just professionals and products. You will be able to arrange and accept appointments for face-to-face meetings directly with the commercial managers of the brands and in real time, without leaving the event. You decide with whom and when you meet.

There are those who believe that the best sales tool in the contract channel is a meal with an architect, interior designer or project promoter. This is even more true in the case of Mediterranean cultures; when we seek to bond with others, doing it in person, face-to-face, is a "plus". It's true, and there are a number of studies that support the concept that the building of a personal relationship is crucial to closing a deal . But, how many meals a day can you have with clients?

If our aim is to make new contacts and generate as many leads as possible, we need to hold lots of meetings, allowing us to get right to the point and make that initial assessment of the level of commercial interest. This is what we offer you in the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION.

The sales departments of companies working in the contract channel are unsure of how to take advantage of digitalization. There are those who think it is a passing fad driven by the mobility limitations of the pandemic. Others believe that nothing is ever going to be the same.

At the interihotel DIGITAL EDITION, we will make digital tools available to you for use in the contract channel. Take advantage of this opportunity for your sales force to become familiar with these tools, apply them in order to gain contacts during the event, and, later, share with us how you intend to modernize your sales strategy.

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