Stand: D16 / D17

Adresse : Calle 60 Nº 20 Sector "A" Zona Franca
Ville : Barcelona
Pays : Spain
Web :
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Duscholux, is the pioneer of the shower enclosure manufacturing in Spain. With more than 48 years of experience in the industry.

Duscholux and Kaudex set a trend: minimal surrealism with a geometric touch inspired by Magritte and the De Chirico. This recreation has as protagonists' buildings with enigmatic arches and dark environments. Besides perspectives towards infinity and classical sculptures, which seem to inhabit in controlled scenic spaces, dominated by silence and tranquillity. This becomes a resounding design that mixes warm and cold colours, mineral textures and restful compositions. In this design, the sun casts shadows giving it greater unreality.

Both firms aim to capture the world of the irrational, with a point of mystery, using daily objects in unusual contexts. Because of this, an ideological reality is achieved while it is plausible. Revolution is not the newest and spectacular space, but the dream of which it is part of, where reality is an illusion and a trap. In consequence, they explore real space against spatial illusion.