Stand: A08-MA

Resuinsa has 46 years’ experience in the textile industry, but we come from a business group with more than 100 years of history.

In order to create innovative products that live up to the expectations of the most demanding client, criterions such as the design, resistance and durability of the products, as well as respect for the environment, have been applied to all our collections. R&D&i are essential for Resuinsa in order to continue to offer new solutions to the professional market. Increasingly important is the path towards smart textile and the incorporation of new technologies, being pioneers in his sector with projects for product traceability through RFID technology. Its firm commitment to sustainability has led it to develop towels, bathrobes, sheets, table linens... manufactured in 100% cotton ecological, biological and organic cotton (EBO), are textiles for hotels that use cotton whose growth did not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers and that favours the natural cycles of the earth, supported by the GOTS standard.

Oficinas Centrales
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