Next edition CCIB Barcelona
18 ----------- 20 oct. 2023

Stand: H22

The history of KP begins 50 years ago. Originally KP emerged as a response to the demand for

carpets that the residential and commercial market demanded at that time. As this demand

decreased mainly in the residential market and the use of carpets in homes was reduced, its

founder Jeronimo Martinez Tabernero then redirected the course of the business by turning

this family workshop into the pioneer custom-made rugs company in Spain and Europe.

Since the founding of KP, many things have changed, the digital age has arrived, management,

storage and distribution systems have been modernized, but many others remain the same as

they were 50 years ago in that small workshop and this is also how we consider that they

should follow.

We proudly define ourselves artisans. Our main market is the carpets and the Bespoke rugs, in

addition to giving you the chance to choose the right size or shape you need, also allow you to

choose between different fibers and different colours, but they also give you the chance to

finish off that rug with a multitude of finishes, so that What our clients receive is a

personalized rug according to their needs or tastes.

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