Stand: D06

Since 1974 Hobby Flower manufactures and sales furniture and Hydroplanters equipped with an exclusive self-watering system that faithfully reproduces the natural environment of the plants and facilitates its maintenance, saving up to 80% of irrigation water.

Making necessary to refill the thank only 4 times a year, this makes it the perfect piece for all kind of projects of projects: Hotels, restaurants, airports, boutiques, hospitals, malls as well as public and private space.

Hobby Flower has an extensive experience in the world of contract, hospitality and decoration of spaces, and currently offering a comprehensive personalized gardening service adapted to the needs of the client.

The accurate design of our products, its durability and the wide range of finishes and measures has made it a benchmark in the market since its beginnings, always betting on a national manufacture.

Hobby Flower promotes a new concept: the creation of new elements combining nature and design.

Roser Abelanet Fernando
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607 446 490

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