Next edition CCIB Barcelona
18 ----------- 20 oct. 2023

Stand: B04

Working exclusively with female artists, we have a range of artworks suited for the interior.

The sensibility we promote is timeless and fairly “quiet”, yet our works also do have a distinctive character: they are certainly memorable and set a clear tone to the spaces that they decorate. Many of our artists work from historical references, adding to them a much needed feminine touch. They explore a range a mediums and supports, from drawing and photography to painting and embroidery.

When talking about the works we promote at the gallery, an art historian defined them as based on the aesthetics of fascination: an emotion which has been and continues to be associated with the feminine sensibility.

Our works have a refinement which is associated not simply with “taste” but with serious historical and aesthetic research. They have a sense of sophistication which is ethical as much as it is emotional.

Ana Araújo
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