Stand: C03-MA

A pioneering enterprise, products of excellence, the history and philosophy of Italy’s leading entrepreneurship: this is the essence of BT Group. The company was able to place craftsmanship heritage at the service of innovation in good taste, meeting in this way both evolutions in style and the requirement of the most current trends of the market. Modern, harmonious and functional design, sleek and minimal structure, scenic effects, simplicity and peculiarity guarantee the maximum degree of usability which characterise all BT Group’s awnings. Each single awning, pergola -and sail is available in multiple variants, with the option to develop exclusive, tailored, shapes. Custom-made is integral to the corporate DNA, hallmark of our design and production ability, sign of inexhaustible vitality and progress. The selection of the materials employed, the controls during the manufacturing stages, make BT Group not only a quality choice but also a status symbol which embodies the “100% Made in Italy” product.


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