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The MORTEX® coating microcement is the coating of choice for those who wish to combine technicality, originality, personality and aesthetics.

Used as much for its technical qualities as for the advantages it brings in decoration, it offers interior and exterior design projects a mineral appearance reminiscent of microcement, micro-topping or even “Tadelakt”.

Thanks to its thinness and impermeability, the MORTEX® mineral micro-mortar molds to any shape, adapts to your surfaces and offers an incomparable look to your showers, floors, pools, stairs and furniture, both indoors and outdoors. With The MORTEXmicro-topping®, bring your most creative ideas to life.

The BEALSTONE® floor and other surfaces coating is a contemporary and improved alternative to Granito or Terrazzo style concrete that is crack-free, thin-set and easy to install. Made with 97% natural ingredients, this minerall coating is a fully customisable solution that offers unparalleled character to decorating and renovation projects.

Thanks to its exceptional properties and high technical performance, BEALSTONE® leaves room for creativity in designing or renovating interiors from the most trendy to the most classic way.

CANO Raquel
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