Pombo Estudio

Pombo Estudio, headed by Alejandra Pombo, aims at understanding and mimicking the soul of each project to depict and materialize it as closely as possible.

Studio personnel are aware of the responsibility that comes with each project and, thanks to this exigence, they’ve been able to built a chameleonic studio capable of adapting to each space and giving it their own identity.

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Voyager’s profile

An international traveller eager for luxury experiences and memorable and exclusive memories.

They are tourists with a high net worth who combine work and pleasure and who’d rather simple and functional solutions, without forgetting quality, to work, rest and connect with other professionals.

They are contemporary nomads who want to find a home away from home. They are full of energy and vitality, and they are sensitive to knowledge and new findings. For them, confort is the most important thing.

They are travellers who also opt for hotels with a sporting provision and they look for healthy eatings (to which they don’t want to give up while they work away from home).

Voyager’s insights

“I look for design accommodation which inspire me”
“Working from a space which has an artistic value helps me a lot”
“I am never at home, that’s why I look for places where I feel like so”
“For me, rest and comfort are essential to enjoy the journey”
“I refuse to renounce to a healthy lifestyle. For me, sport facilities are a healthy food offer are indispensable“
“An oasis where having a break from the city’s frenetic pace”

SAND WAVES - The art of versatility

A sensitive space, with sustainable elements and materials, that aim to divide the space with its use of illumination and domotics, in order to create several environments. 

As the philosophy of ONE SHOT goes, one of the premises is to create a room which contains artistic elements and little spots where the hosts can take photographies and get inspired. A functional space designed to work and rest.

It is an space to discover (in) the center of Madrid.

Its a neutral continent in which materials and light are given the main role, recreating a scene made of shadows, tonal changes and reflections that make from the space a changing, very dynamic experience and, depending on the host mind state, can help him/her to relax, heal or cheer up, trying to naturalize the place playing with organic shapes and introducing some vegetation and sandy textures.

Collaborating brands


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