Stand: D21

Address : Calle Rubió Y Ors, 9 Bjs
City : Badalona
Country : Spain
Web :

Cortinas Interviva is a tailor shop dedicated to curtains and bedsheets making. It combines experts handmade work with the most innovative industrial procedures and advanced logistics.

It is well-known for its human team, considered to be one of its distinguishing characteristics together with its year-long experience in giving shape to different cloths and compositions. This work is what defines Interviva as deep expert of the added value of a good, exclusive and unique product.

Cortinas interviva always strives to find global solutions for the market which keeps asking for more and more products and services that can combine the personal touch with the textile and tecnic procedures in making the cloths applying the most advanced technologies in rails, motorisation and domotic systems.

-They are thrilled by the idea of presenting their work to interihotel. They hope you can find in them a partner able to follow you during your projects and able to add his experience and compromise until reaching the best possible result in the textile decoration world.