Stand: C03

Address : Ctra Villarreal-Onda Cv 20 Km 2.5
City : Villarreal
Country : Spain
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Living Ceramics arises with the desire to provide unique ceramic solutions for the world of interior design and architecture providing life and inspiration in our homes and public spaces. Innovation and design are fundamental pillars in their day to day, present in all áreas.

At Living Ceramics, they are guided by the desire of creating versatile ceramic solutions for interior design and architecture. Claddings - on floors, walls, countertops, steps… - are the skin of homes and spaces.

They are committed to a material such as ceramics that makes it easier to obtain original and practical resources. Their ultimate objective is customer satisfaction, and they focus on the professionalism and thoroughness of work on this point. They strive in creating products that respond to today's requirements that are adapted to the users' needs, and are in line with the new trends.

In this edition of interihotel, Living Ceramics presents its new Ductile product, a ceramic material with a new chemical formulation that facilitates tasks such as cutting or drilling.