24.11.21 / 15:30h / Las Conferencias

ACCOR’s CSR commitment has been growing strategically and in depth in the past years. From a Design Strategy point of view the challenge has been huge since it had to break STATUS QUO habits that impacted a huge chain of stakeholders. Initially they acted in a visionary yet still intuitive manner proposing programming changes, material and furniture selection criteria & best practices methodologies. In the past years these “good will” propositions had become ACCOR mandatory practices.

They have reinforced analytically their sustainability criteria and methodologies and focused their efforts to reeducate both their Hotel Partners, Interior Designers and internal Technical teams along the regional hubs around the globe. Currently, and looking forward a near future, all this body of work has nourished us to design differently. They are enjoying the first outcomes of a radical mindset change with new brands, new asset programming, new social commitments of their current hotel, new technologies and products at the service of their brands and final guests.

They truly understand the responsibility that their have as a worldwide hospitality leader player. And they take this responsibility as a main inspiration for their practice

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