In a small town in the province of Tarragona called La Sénia, our story began with an important cluster of companies in the furniture sector in 2011. Like many industrial sectors, we were terribly burdened by the crisis, so we set out to find a way to resurface. At this point, CENFIM had the vision to focus on contract as an opportunity for our partners and became responsible for promoting innovation and technological dissemination inside the industry.

We created the first event in which pilot hotel rooms were presented, where a hotelier could personally meet with firms capable of resolving their needs. In the summer of 2011, we decided to get down to work. We brought most of the Mediterranean arch associations together in order to create our own event, where we could help companies connect with hotels that were to be renovated. We successfully attained eleven manufacturers and fifty-five hoteliers who would be the genesis of the largest hotel interior design event in Europe.

Today, 4,000 professionals from 30 countries attend our edition in Barcelona, where they discover more than 200 brands and 70 leaders and experts that define the contract sector. Since 2016 we take interihotel throughout the country. The Contract Tour has since travelled to strategically selected areas boasting a high concentration of hotels: Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, Canary Islands and Madrid.

CENFIM's vision has made interihotel an open space for collaboration while promoting innovation and internationalization of the sector.

We are aiming to write the rest of our history together with you.

Toni Zaragoza
Managing Director of Interihotel